By J. Fasim. Monroe College.

Keeping your estrogen level healthy and your cortisol in control will keep you sharp as a tack purchase phenergan 25mg visa anxiety coach. And here’s another great reason to manage your stress response: extensive research shows that prolonged buy phenergan 25mg free shipping anxiety cat, elevated cortisol constricts blood flow to the brain. This negatively affects your brain function, decreases your emotional intelligence, and accelerates age-related cognitive function. Progesterone, estrogen, and serum testosterone—the hormone of confidence and vitality—all decline after menopause as well; these important hormones keep you mentally sharp, upbeat, and calm. I recommend using bioidentical hormones in the lowest possible dose, but check with your doctor if you think you need hormone replacement therapy. Keeping your hormones balanced is a vital part of staying slim, sexy, and sassy no matter the number of candles on your birthday cake. You can find a list of practitioners trained in The Hormone Cure and The Gottfried Protocol at http://thehormonecurebook. If there isn’t a practitioner or coach in your region, get in touch with one of the talented practitioners who offers online consultation. An estrogen imbalance often results in symptoms of both high and low estrogen, which may sound like I’ve lost my mind (and estrogen), but honestly, you can simultaneously experience both. Here’s the deal— symptoms of estrogen excess are relative to progesterone, but symptoms of low estrogen are simply relative to your own personal baseline (which is established when you’re in your twenties and thirties). So you can have low estrogen—indicated by low sex drive, vaginal dryness, flat mood, pancakelike breasts— but relative to a low level of progesterone, you may still have symptoms of excess estrogen (cystic breast tenderness, abnormal Pap smears, difficulty with weight loss). If you’re not sure what is going on, you can always get your levels clinically tested. It’s much more common to have high estrogen than low estrogen, and many of the symptoms are difficult to differentiate. Excess estrogen suppresses your thyroid activity, which can lead to signs of low thyroid. Too much estrogen can also reduce the quality or frequency of orgasm, and because it lowers your testosterone levels, it also diminishes sex drive. Once you know whether you’re high or low in estrogen (whether that’s determined by lab testing or through a deeper dive into the self- assessment [pages 24–31] to find the root cause of your problems), you can start following The Gottfried Protocol to treat it. Maca, in capsule or liquid form, has been shown to improve libido and to lower anxiety and depression, all of which are symptoms of low 7 estrogen. The Gottfried Protocol (find the root cause, treat first with lifestyle changes, then herbal remedies, then bioidentical hormones) does work for men, but the advice and treatment strategies in The Hormone Cure are geared toward women. In the meantime, another excellent source of information on balancing male hormones is http://thehormonecurebook. The site includes my recent interviews with a few male health experts, including Abel James (“Fat Burning Man”) and Dr. What foods boost serotonin, the brain chemical that helps my mood, sleep, and appetite? If you want to increase your serotonin production through diet, there is no one “magic bullet” food. As always, a high-fiber diet that includes lots of organic veggies is the best way to love up your hormones. You can start to improve your serotonin situation by reducing your daily intake of sugar, refined carbohydrates, and caffeine. All of these foods make you feel good in the short term—they give you a quick boost, but then your serotonin levels will begin to drop just as quickly. Instead, aim for a pound of veggies per day, and consider a daily fish oil and vitamin B 6 supplement—both are important precursors to healthy neurotransmitters. A fiber-and-nutrient-filled diet will not only help your serotonin but it will also boost your maxed-out adrenals, your insulin sensitivity, and your cortisol levels. Also consider your methylation, as you may be undermethylating and may need more methylators (betaine, magnesium, etc. My recommendation is to work collaboratively with your doctor or to find a new one on my practitioner page (again, http://thehor monecurebook/practiioners/). Test yourself by checking out one of the labs that I recommend in Appendix E— many allow you to order your own hormone tests. I’ve also added several new labs in addition to those listed in the appendix; for a complete list go to: http://thehormonecurebook. The Gottfried Protocol is a wonderful resource for breast cancer survivors who want to improve their hormonal balance, reclaim their vitality, and develop a cancer- preventing lifestyle.

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Urinalysis shows urinary kidney tract infection She will go back on the kidney herbs for 2 weeks discount phenergan 25mg otc anxiety symptoms 3dp5dt. Her sister-in-law and daughter-in-law brought her from the West for treatment of cancer of the pancreas quality 25 mg phenergan anxiety symptoms one side. Her complexion is yellow, and she knows she is being treated like a terminal patient. She will go off commercial beverages and make herself fruit and vegetable juices and cereals. She is off commercial beverages; she has found fresh squeezed juice in the grocery store. When I brought this up to her, she replied that since she was dying there was no need to quit. Then I pointed out to her that she was one of the fortunate ones who have only 2 problems of any difficulty: She merely needed her teeth replaced by plastic and to seal cracks in her basement. Checking in her mouth, there were only 4 on each side that needed replacement, but she began to sob about the cost. I personally believe she was looking for any excuse to die rather than survive, so that she would not have to quit smoking. And to think that wonderful, moral-minded people allow themselves to grow tobacco for money, knowing that the addiction spells death for other humans, per- haps their own grandchildren! I hope her wonderful family will per- suade her to choose life for herself and transport her to the dentist. Betty volunteered that she had never had sex in her life and had never been in a hospital except at birth. She will go off her shampoo, mouthwash, hair mousse and hair spray because they contain it without labeling. She is to go off all commercial beverages to avoid other solvents, not yet tested. After 3 months of vege- tarian diet she will eat only fish and seafood in restaurants and su- per-well done meats at home. Summary: This young woman fairly bounced out of the office at the good news of her second visit. Yet her mother, she said, was witness to her health improvement in just 5 days, and so she is forced to believe it. It is being produced at the cervix where the miracidia and cercaria are and where the Sheep liver fluke eggs are. Could they orchestrate the production of ortho-phospho-tyrosine for the intestinal fluke? I explained to Betty that she must take great care to protect her thymus for two years so that it will completely regain its health. It would be tempting to neglect the dental work but this would be a tragic mistake. Benzene leaves the thymus in a weakened condition so that other solvents and toxic substances continue to get accumulate there. He said his parents had brought him to our office for depression but he disagreed with this opinion. I explained the cause of serious depression to be brain parasites and toxic elements accumulated in the brain. He will make his own hair spray, switch shampoos and go off the benzene-containing items on the benzene list. Summary: brain cancer is fairly rare; yet two persons, both very young, had this disease in his family. Could it all be inherited through the placenta from the mother or through sex during pregnancy? My guess is that the fluke resided quietly in the intestine for all family members. Then, as usage of propanol and benzene began in early adulthood, they colonized the brain and thymus. This still does not answer why the brain was selected by the parasite stages, rather than another tissue.